Welcome To The
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Jurisdiction

Bishop Ravenel
Jurisdictional Prelate


What you shall learn from this site will be a great enlightenment through your eyes! Your spirit shall retain the word of God. The leader, which is Bishop Ravenal, endows the members of Lingo Memorial with the word of God. No one leaves there without an invitation to Chirst and rededicating themselves back the The Lord. This site will give you a brief summary of the ministry. However, nothing is compared to being there in the natural. Websites are great and it is amazing to see how equipped the world has become to touch the lives of the world. Come and see for yourself the healing power that is dripping off of the ceilings of Lingo Memorial COGIC!  


Perfecting The Kingdom of God is what the end result "Should" be. UNITY, thus sayeth God! We at Lingo Memorial COGIC promote unity in the spirit, so we can be effective in our walk with The Lord. We are all apart of the same body. Therefore, the leg has to get along with the feet to walk where God has intended us to go! No matter what ministry you are apart of, please SHARE THE SPIRIT!  Share the spirit of love, joy, peace and meekness! Introduce the Fruits of the Spirit to someone else so they can experience the true love of Christ! God Bless you and know that you have a FRIEND in the Commonwealth!




Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Jurisdictional Prelate, Benjamin J. Ravenel